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by Face Culler

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Bonsoir 04:00
Lamplight 03:44
Ayn Sof 03:52
Cagewood 02:52
Towerslake 04:20
Ivy Eyed 03:58
Bloodslick 04:12
Candlefly 03:03


Update April 8, 2021 - to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of Elsewhere bonus tracks have been added:
- 9 bonus tracks for streaming
- 2 additional secret bonus tracks when purchasing and downloading the album

View the Elsewhere Visitor's Guide

Excerpts from the Elsewhere Visitor's Guide

"Central Elsewhere is divided into four quarters: the Gothic Quarter, Sanguine Quarter, Wretch’s Quarter, and Hunter’s Quarter. Each autumn on the night of the Hunter’s Moon, the denizens of these quarters form long lines, and holding lanterns and candles march to the small cobblestone park at the center of the city. For this occasion, the park’s large circular pool is drained and given a light coating of animal fat. The crowd casts their lights in, forming a blazing facsimile of the moon above. They dance in concentric rings as they pray for a gentle winter. This dance brings the four quarters together briefly. For the rest of the year they remain starkly divided by wealth, manner, and form."

"Those with sharp eyes will see The Bespectered Remnant when they look out across Candlefly Lake. This is the name given to a poisonous ruin of collapsed towers from the Old Kingdom whose only visitors are gaunt madmen scurrying between Lichachre and the camps to the south. On sunny days the reflections of the heat fused glass are blinding and beautiful. On grey days the glass looks like calm waters - a trait that has lured would-be sailors to this foul ground for decades. Rumor has it that beneath the wreckage is the tomb of the Scarlet Eyed Goddess."

"When the children and adolescents of rich parents drink from the Silver River - either purposefully or accidentally - they are sent to the Mazechapel, a place which serves as their asylum. Creative expression is encouraged as it is thought to be the only way to stave off the inevitable aggression and bloodlust that would otherwise follow. Newer patients paint, write, or perform in the Mazechapel choir. The less sane, older patients are sent to the basement to work on the labyrinth beneath. While serving no real purpose, the manual labor of digging and laying brick is often an effective treatment, and the maze continues to grow with each year. Patients who are too far gone in the bottom chambers must occasionally be sealed away with bricks."

"Religion is paramount in Elegy, one of the last towns still sporting a habitable Old Kingdom tower. Locals fervently worship a statue of the Ivy Eyed Goddess. The locals say that the people of the Old Kingdom had the power to create gods. The most powerful of these were two sisters: the Ivy Eyed Goddess and the Scarlet Eyed Goddess. Having solved all the problems of the universe, the Scarlet Eyed Goddess became bored and sought to destroy the Old Kingdom, an idea which horrified the Ivy Eyed Goddess. After much arguing they came to a compromise. A small number of people could live on, but in a tainted and plagued world that would never afford them the ability to create gods again. Thus began the New Kingdom, and the residents of Elegy suggest that everyone owes their existence to the kind-hearted Ivy Eyed Goddess."

"Rarely visited save for the occasional logger, the Cagewood is not a particularly dangerous place, but it is still feared due to the hundreds of rusted, human-sized cages hanging from its ancient trees. The original purpose of the cages has been lost to the ages. Some say it was a prison for the Old Kingdom while others claim it the more recent work of madmen who drank from the poisoned Silver River."


released April 8, 2018

Written & Recorded by Troy Lawlor
Vocals by Dana West
Mastered by Macc @ Subvert Central Mastering
Bonus Tracks Mastered by Troy Lawlor
Special thanks to Erik Levsen, Joseph Danaher, Marcus Quoyeser, Dan Bruington, John Scrapper


all rights reserved



Face Culler Seattle, Washington

New album available now: Elsewhere.

Previous album available on Occult Research: occultresearch.bandcamp.com/album/lostlands

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